“The CleanMount is sturdy, easy to adjust, allows the staff to face the patient, and provides a workspace to hold supplies.” – Teresa Niblett, PRMC

Use Case: Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Peninsula Regional Medical Center sought to increase point-of-care documentation to reduce the delay of information captured in medical records, reduce the risk of transcription errors and omissions, and increase the opportunity to review electronic information with patients and families. PRMC also hoped to reduce the incidence of computers being out of service due to dead batteries, damaged plugs, or broken scanners.

Strongarm Healthcare provided PRMC with the CleanMount, its ergonomic, durable, and versatile wall arm mounting system to solve these challenges. The CleanMount improved PRMC’s point-of-care documentation, allowing nurses and other clinical staff to capture information in real-time and easily share information with patients and families at the bedside.

PRMC found the CleanMount to be sturdy and easy to adjust, allowing the staff to extend, rotate, and otherwise position the display and keyboard as needed. The CleanMount reduced documentation challenges in isolation rooms and eliminated device disruptions due to dead batteries or broken plugs. The staff also benefitted from not having to move a heavy, wheeled device from room to room. The CleanMount’s ergonomic versatility allowed them to face their patient while having all of their information easily at hand. Having a computer workstation at the point of care also decreased the need to record documentation of information on paper for later data entry, thus reducing the possibility of transcription errors.

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