Strongarm Healthcare - Ergonomic Display & Keyboard Wall Arm Workstations Designed for the Healthcare Industry

About Strongarm Healthcare

Strongarm Healthcare is a division of Strongarm, Inc. and a leading manufacturer of display and keyboard wall arm mounting systems and workstations for hospitals, healthcare, and point-of-care applications.

About Strongarm Healthcare

Strongarm, Inc. specializes in customized, ergonomic, and environmentally protected workstations for the frontline workforce and manufactures operator interface solutions and systems for various industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, transportation, general manufacturing, packaging, petrochemical, and more.

Strongarm’s precision-designed products range from articulating mounting arms and stand-alone workstations to complete operator interface systems featuring integrated displays, keyboards, pointers, and PCs.

Since 1990, Strongarm has designed and built over 400,000 products with more than 310,000 different design customizations, delivered on time for our customers.

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