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Max Life Looks to Strongarm Healthcare for Durable, Ergonomic Ambulance Workstations

Max Life Advanced Mobile Telemedicine (www.maxlifelive.com), a healthcare industry leader in providing doctors remote live access to patients wherever they may be, recently worked with Strongarm Healthcare to provide a monitor mounting system for use in ambulances.

Max Life needed a mounting system that would be able to fold to the wall in order to minimize space when not in use, while being durable enough to withstand the typical abuse found within a mobile trauma situation. Additionally, the monitor needed to have a wide range of motion and articulation to enable the medic to position the monitor properly in order to facilitate face-to-face communication with the patient and the remote doctor.


To solve these challenges, Strongarm Healthcare provided Max Life with a custom designed MightyMount, the company’s space-saving monitor mounting that features a wide range of articulation as well as ruggedized, durable construction. The MightyMount allows the medic to position the monitor wherever it’s needed, and also provides a lock-in-place feature for additional safety. Its aluminum die-cast construction is robust enough to more than withstand the rigors of ambulance travel.

Frank J. Ferlito, CEO of Max Life, said “Strongarm worked with us to design the best mount we could hope for in use for our ambulance application. The sales team and engineers at Strongarm Healthcare were patient and very knowledgeable regarding their products capabilities and very much in tune as to what we were trying to achieve.

“Quality is most important to us, and Strongarm Healthcare certainly has that. Turn around time from order to delivery was very good, and the shear appearance alone of this mount puts customers at ease that this mount will be able to stand up to mobile use and the abuses that usually come along with anything used in the field. It is very simple to use and is cost effective.”

About Strongarm Healthcare
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