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Chesapeake Urology

Chesapeake Urology, the largest urology practice in the Mid-Atlantic region and training site for the University of Massachusetts Medical School, recently worked with Strongarm Healthcare to provide an ergonomic display and keyboard mounting solution to address their workstation needs.

Strongarm Healthcare provided Chesapeake Urology with the CleanMount, which features counter-balanced vertical adjustability and a horizontal pivoting extension, providing the operator with a wide range of movement that allows them to reposition the workstation as needed, including being able to fold it to the wall when not in use. Additionally, the CleanMount’s internal cable management and smooth exterior surface provided superior cleanability.

All in all, Chesapeake Urology was looking for an “easy to install, easy to use workstation for use in our exam rooms…one that was easy to operate but could also hold up to the rigors of daily usage.” Strongarm Healthcare was able to fulfill all of these requirements with the CleanMount, and Chesapeake Urology went on to say that “they were extremely pleased with the final installation, and it fulfilled all of our needs.”

About Strongarm Healthcare
Strongarm Healthcare (Horsham, Pa.) is a leading manufacturer of display and keyboard mountings and systems. STRONGARM has developed interface solutions for a variety of industrial applications including healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, transportation, and general manufacturing. The company’s precision-designed products range from articulating arms and stand-alone workstations to complete operator interface systems featuring integrated displays, keyboards, pointers, and PCs.