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Baystate Medical Center

Baystate Medical Center (BMC), an independent academic medical center and training site for the University of Massachusetts Medical School, recently worked with Strongarm Healthcare to provide a display and keyboard workstation that could stand up to the constant use they would be receiving throughout their patient rooms.

Strongarm Healthcare provided BMC with the CleanMount, which features cast aluminum construction for superior durability. Additionally, because the CleanMount is customized and pre-counterbalanced for the end-user’s displays and accessories, BMC found that the CleanMount didn’t require any post-installation adjustments or calibration that are typically necessary with other manufacturer’s systems. The staff at Baystate also found the height adjustability feature a big plus, allowing the Cleanmount to be quickly and easily repositioned. Patient engagement is a big priority at Baystate, and the Cleanmount’s PatientView monitor feature allows the staff to rotate the display independently, giving them the opportunity to share information easily with the patient if needed.

Additionally, the CleanMount’s ergonomic user-friendly design allows the workstation to be easily adjusted by the operator, enabling them to optimally position the display and keyboard quickly and effortlessly, The CleanMount’s internal cable management and smooth exterior surface also provide superior cleanability.

Baystate Medical Center said that the CleanMount gave them “a sturdier product with very little repair needed which was very easy to install.”

About Strongarm Healthcare
Strongarm Healthcare (Horsham, Pa.) is a leading manufacturer of display and keyboard mountings and systems. STRONGARM has developed interface solutions for a variety of industrial applications including healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, transportation, and general manufacturing.  The company’s precision-designed products range from articulating arms and stand-alone workstations to complete operator interface systems featuring integrated displays, keyboards, pointers, and PCs.