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Strongarm Healthcare is committed to helping everyone in this time of crisis.
Here you can find important information with the latest updates on the Coronavirus situation
and the steps we can take as we cope with this world wide pandemic.

The Latest Information from the World Health Organization

WHO Daily Situational Reports keep track of new and suspected cases, laboratory-confirmed cases, clinically diagnosed cases and deaths by COVID-19 throughout the world. Click below for the latest information.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Recommendations

The CDC has issued Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for those dealing with those with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infections, click the link below to read their recommendations.

We’re Here to Help

Strongarm Healthcare is open during this time of need, and we are here to help healthcare providers in this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
We will continue to fulfill your urgent requirements for sanitary point-of-care mounting solutions.

POC Product Features

Infection Control
Our products are 95% fabricated from metal, not plastic, then coated with an antimicrobial powder coat finish to help with cleaning and disinfecting. They can withstand the strongest disinfection, UV, and sterilization processes used on medical device equipment in hospitals today.

Rapid Deployment
Our products are manufactured in the USA and ship fully assembled and ready to install.

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Strongarm Healthcare is committed to manufacturing mounting solutions designed with superior infection control – as well as ergonomic ease-of-use and numerous accessories to address your specific point-of-care needs.

We are all in this fight together, and Strongarm Healthcare is on hand to assist you in any way that we can.

Please contact us at 215.443.3400 for more information.